Dr. Ellen Miller

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    Dr. Ellen Miller (Ph.D. Washington University) is a biological anthropologist specializing in paleoanthropology. She works on the fossil evidence for primate and human evolution, and teaches courses on human evolution, human variation, and skeletal biology. She currently conducts fieldwork in Miocene deposits in the Turkana Basin region of northern Kenya, where she is involved in a number of projects concerned with: 1) understanding the initial divergence and early evolution of apes v. Old World monkeys; 2) better documentation of the transition from archaic to modern African faunas; and 3) an enhanced understanding of the primate context within which the human lineage evolved.

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    • ANT 113 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
    • ANT 366 Human Evolution
    • ANT 367 Human Biological Diversity
    • ANT 368 Human Osteology
    • ANT 385 Evolution and Human Behavior