A renowned anthropologist once stated that “anthropology is the study of oddments by eccentrics.”
Possibly with this in mind, the anthropology students at Wake Forest have organized a club to facilitate the exchange of ideas among themselves. The Anthropology Club allows students to identify and explore the relevance of anthropology to contemporary life on campus and beyond, while building a closer-knit community.
The Wake Forest Anthropology Club is a chartered member of the University and holds annual elections of Officers. The Anthropology Club is open to all students, and we encourage anyone with interested in anthropology to join us. Please contact the Anthropology Club Faculty Advisor, Dr. Karin Friederic, if you have any questions.

Special Social Events

Each year, the Anthropology Department and the Wake Forest Anthropology Club organize special social events. Check the News Archives for more detailed information on each event.

An example of events that the Anthropology Club has organized in the past include:


  • ROUNDTABLE: Charity or Justice? Aid and the Aftermath of the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal, April 14th
    In this roundtable, WFU and Appalachian State University professors and students discuss their involvement in providing support to communities in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. More broadly, they will consider what differentiates charity from justice, and the implications of this distinction for activists, researchers, community members, and philanthropists.

    Dr. Steve Folmar, Associate Professor, Anthropology, Wake Forest University
    Dr. Dinesh Paudel, Assistant Professor, Sustainable Development, Appalachian State University
    Sarah Millsaps, Senior, Anthropology Major, Wake Forest University
    Moderator: Bennett Heine, Senior, Anthropology Major, Wake Forest University
  • Trivia Night with Anthro Club at Shorty’s (various nights throughout Fall Semester)

Annual Events

  • Project Pumpkin
  • The Annual Anthropology Picnic
    The stuff of legend and website postings, this event is an opportunity to socialize with your fellow anthropologists away from campus. Usually held during the Fall semester, the Annual Anthropology Club Picnic brings together majors, minors, interested students, faculty, and friends for lively discussion, activities, and of course, feasting.