Required Courses for the Anthropology Major

At least three Introductory Courses

ANT 111 or 114
Cultural Anthropology

ANT 112

ANT 113
Biological Anthropology

One course from each of the following two groups:

Linguistics and Methods

150. Introduction to Linguistics
333. Language and Gender
350. Language, Indigeneity and Globalization
353. Language in Education
354. Field Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
355. Language and Culture
315. Artifact Analysis and Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (4)
354. Field Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
368. Human Osteology (4)
380. Anthropological Statistics
381, 382. Field Program in Anthropological Archaeology
383, 384. Field Program in Cultural Anthropology
387. Ethnographic Research Methods

Two Required Advanced Courses in the Major

Spring Semester Junior Year

ANT 340 Anthropological Theory (4)

Fall Semester Senior Year

ANT 390. Student Faculty Seminar (4)