My lunch with Richard by Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller works on the fossil evidence for primate evolution and currently conducts fieldwork in Miocene deposits in the Turkana Basin. One morning in spring 2008, I was in my office at Wake Forest University when I got a call from Richard Leakey. He was […]

Dr. Miller – Publication in the Journal of Paleontology

Congratulations to Dr. Miller! Her article “Ectoparasite borings, mesoparasite borings, and scavenging traces in early Miocene turtle and tortoise shell: Moghra Formation, Wadi Moghra, Egypt” was published in the Journal of Paleontology.

Dr. Miller – Publication in the Journal of Human Evolution

Congratulations to Dr. Ellen Miller! The article entitled “Morphological affinities of a fossil ulna (KNM-WS 65401) from Buluk, Kenya” was recently published in the Journal of Evolution. A primate proximal ulna (KNM-WS 65401) was recovered as a surface find at Buluk during the 2013 field season. This […]