Honors in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology confers graduation honors on students who possess distinguished records in Anthropology and in overall academic performance. To graduate with Honors in Anthropology, a student must have grade point averages of at least a 3.0 in all work and at least a 3.5 in Anthropology. The student must propose, carry out, write, and defend in oral examination a research project. The process of the research proposal, faculty approval, conduct of the research, writing of the results and defense of the research typically requires most of the senior year. Honors designation is contingent on the student’s final grade point average.

Honors Thesis Schedule and Procedures (TargetDeadlines)

By the Beginning of the Senior Year

  • Choose your Honors Thesis Advisor (a fulltime member of the Anthropology Department). Begin
    the process of regular communication with your advisor, and think about additional members to
    serve on your Thesis Committee (see below).
  • Discuss your research interests with your advisor and frame your problem. Evaluate possible
    methods for investigating your topic, and begin the literature review.

By November 1st of the Senior Year

  • Submit a three to five page proposal outlining your Honors Thesis project to your advisor. This
    proposal should have four parts.
    1. Brief Background and Literature Review: Evaluate the existing information pertaining to
    your area of interest.
    2. Research Design: Explicitly state the goals of the research, the hypothesis to be evaluated
    (if appropriate), and what the research is expected to accomplish. Outline the theoretical
    stance and methods that will guide the proposed research. Describe how data will be
    collected, analyzed and interpreted. If human subjects or live animals are to be used in the
    research, certify that the appropriate procedures have been followed for approval of the
    3. Research Significance: Identify the novel elements of your research and concisely state the
    importance of your research both to the specific subject and to the discipline of
    4. Timeline: The final page of your proposal is a detailed schedule for completion of the
    various parts of the research project.
  • Submit a printed and a digital version of your proposal to each full-time member of the
    Anthropology Department for evaluation and comment.

By November 15th of the Senior Year

  • Schedule a feedback meeting with your Honors Thesis advisor. The advisor will communicate
    faculty feedback for your proposal, and discuss necessary revisions or additions to the research
    design. If appropriate, the student may receive as many as three (3) hours for academic work done
    in support of the honors project.
  • If the proposal is approved, the student will then begin assembling the Honors Thesis Committee. The student and the advisor will then select two other faculty members to serve with the advisor as members of the student’s Honors Committee. At least two of the three members of the Honors Committee must be full-time members of the department. The third Committee Member should not be a full-time member of the Anthropology department; students usually select a professor associated with another academic department or the Medical School. Confirm with committee members how often they would like you to check in or share your work with them.

Mid-October through March

  • Complete your thesis project under the supervision of your advisor. Check in with other
    committee members, as agreed. Prepare the thesis as a research paper written in American
    Anthropologist style.

Early March

  • Schedule a date (before mid-April) for your oral defense with your committee. On this date, you
    will present your research to the committee and hold an oral examination on the topic. The entire
    faculty will be notified and invited to the examination. The remaining weeks of the semester (postdefense)
    should be devoted to revisions.

Two Weeks Prior to Your Presentation and Defense

  • Circulate a draft of your research paper to all members of your committee. Ask if they would
    like a printed or digital version, and accommodate their requests.

By April 30th

  • If your presentation and oral examination are approved, make revisions and submit a bound
    copy of your final paper to the Department by April 30th. You should also provide bound
    copies to the Wake Forest University library, your advisor, and any Committee members who
    request one.

Upon successful completion of the paper and examination, the advisor will certify the student for Honors. The Department Major Advisor will advise the Registrar of the student’s graduation with Honors in Anthropology.

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