Dr. Naomi Reed

Dr. Naomi ReedVisiting Assistant Professor
Cultural Anthropologist
Office: Anthropology Building
Phone: 336.758.3898
Email: reednb@wfu.edu


Naomi Reed (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin) is a sociocultural anthropologist who explores the relationship between white racial epistemology and conceptualizations of Blackness in historical memory. She is interested in how US history curricula impacts elite white high school students’ understanding of local and global Blackness in opposition to their own identities. She considers the relationship between messages of historical white oppression in history curricula to white elite social movements and anti-Black political behavior among upper class white youth in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Reed’s more recent work is a critical cultural heritage project that considers how Sugar Land, Texas memorializes the Black lives lost to convict leasing at the Imperial Sugar Factory. She will examine how the city’s treatment of this unique history impacts both Black and White Sugar Land residents’ identity formation and political activities. More broadly her interests include, African Diaspora Anthropology, Critical Whiteness Studies, Critical Race Theory, Activist Anthropology, and Anthropology of Education

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