WFU Anthropology Department Outstanding Senior, 2020: Juliana Rubinatto Serrano

Rubinatto Serano Poster Presentation at URECA WFUThe faculty of the Department of Anthropology selects our outstanding senior award using three criteria: the student’s academic excellence across all four subfields of anthropology, the student’s anthropological engagement outside of the traditional classroom, and the student’s ethical application of anthropological knowledge through professional activities and community involvement.

The Wake Forest University Department of Rubinatto Serrano at archaeology siteAnthropology would like to congratulate our 2020 Outstanding Senior, Juliana Rubinatto Serrano. Juliana’s numerous intellectual accomplishments include her Richter research on colonial legacies and the hegemony of modernity at national museums in Brazil and Portugal, a collaborative project benchmarking best practices to prevent sexual harassment in anthropological field settings, and an outstanding Honors thesis project documenting factors leading to animal bone accumulations in caves. Thank you for your significant contributions to our departmental and college community and congratulations Juliana!  


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