Students Dig North Carolina History

Students Dig North Carolina History During the Summer I session, Dr. Jones
Students Dig North Carolina History taught the Field Program in North Carolina Archaeology. Ten students learned archaeological survey, excavation, mapping, and recording methods while working side-by-side with Dr. Jones on his research site in Jonesville, NC. The site contains the remains of a 16th-century Native American settlement, and the students uncovered a number of postmolds, possibly associated with a structure, and several pit features, likely used for cooking and later filled with refuse. The students participating the program were Jacob Daunais, Charlotte Gable, Dowell Harmon, Danny Herman, Irene Kim, Shannon O’Hanlon,
Students Dig North Carolina History Cody Preble, Anna Preston, Hadley Scharer, and Tiansong Zhou. Concurrently, Pierce Wright was working on a Summer Research Fellowship at the site in which he excavated and examined the characteristics and patterns of the uncovered postmolds
Students Dig North Carolina History.

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