Honors Theses in Anthropology

Congratulations to Adriana Cordova, Gabby Henriksen, Maya Krause, Melissa Pouncey and Caroline Watson for successfully defending Honors Theses in Anthropology this year! We are so proud of the innovative and rigorous fieldwork and analysis that went into these projects:

Honors Theses in Anthropology – Successfully Defended WFU

–“Discourses of Gender, Power, and Sexuality in Rural Ecuador,” by Adriana Cordova (Dr. Mary Good and Dr. Karin Friederic, Thesis Advisors)

–“Shifting Contours of Space: Boston-Thurmond and the Built Environment,” by Gabrielle W. Henriksen (Dr. Sherri Lawson Clark, Thesis Advisor)

–“A Close Analysis of the Lithic Assemblage at a Late Woodland Upper Yadkin River Valley Site (31Yd173),” by Maya Krause (Dr. Eric Jones, Thesis Advisor)

–“Ceramic Analysis on Fragments Found at Redtail (31Yd173) and Three Other Yadkin River Valley Sites,” by Melissa Pouncey (Dr. Eric Jones, Thesis Advisor)

–“Non-local vs. Local Lithic Trends in the Late Woodland Upper Yadkin River Valley: Counts, Proportions and Implications for Economic Structure,” by Caroline Watson (Dr. Eric Jones, Thesis Advisor)

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