Dr. Karin Friederic and Adriana Cordova in Rural Ecuador

Adriana Cordova, a rising junior, spent five weeks in rural Ecuador, conducting independent research on health education and youth sexuality and assisting Dr. Karin Friederic with her project on gender violence. In particular, Adriana conducted interviews with teachers and parents to understand the challenges of health education, especially sexual education, within the school and community. Dr. Friederic implemented the second phase of her project, “A Multipronged Approach to Combating Intimate-Partner Violence in Rural Coastal Ecuador,” supported by funding from the Feminist Review Trust. With Adriana’s help, they conducted intensive full-day workshops on household communication, gender equality, and gender violence, including activities such as community mapping, mini-lectures, socio-dramas, children’s activities, and group painting and drawing. Over 120 community members attended, with many reporting that they accomplished important self-reflective work, learned practical take-home lessons, and had lots of fun at the same time. Adriana and Karin have co-written an article for the SfAA Newsletter about their research and engagement this summer. Stay tuned for the article, which is to be published in November.

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