Class Project leads to new Museum Exhibit Childhood: Exploring Youth Culture Around the World

Have you ever wondered what games kids play in Malaysia? Or what children wear in Mexico? How does culture influence what kids learn in schools and beyond? In Spring Semester 2015, students in Dr. Mary Good’s “Anthropology of Childhood and Youth” completed a semester-long project to investigate such questions, and the results can now be seen in the Museum of Anthropology.

Students in the course each chose an object related to childhood from the MOA’s extensive collections and did background research on the object’s cultural and historical context. The students’ final projects involved writing a paper on their findings as well as producing a museum label for their objects and proposing a design for a museum exhibit of the objects. Over the summer and early fall, museum staff and student interns worked to bring the students’ design proposals to life in a new exhibit. We are pleased to announce the opening of “Childhood: Exploring Youth Culture Around the World” that highlights the students’ hard work and new knowledge gained from their seminar class.

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